Developers Marketing Services

Investments Research and Strategic Real Estate Planning

Developers marketing services are custom catered to every client’s unique real estate needs. The Investments Research and Strategic Real Estate Planning sessions are the initial step to understanding the unique goals in serving our clients with exceptional professional business investments research and strategic real estate planning services.  By understanding your professional investment real estate goals and unique needs to develop a customized effective plan of action to seek only finest in real estate inventory options and opportunities.  We delve into working for you by providing factual insights and data related to every step of your investment purchasing goals.  Matched with timeless experience and knowledge of current real estate trends in Phoenix, Arizona, your success results is a partnership from conception to completion.   Our services entail in-depth comprehensive analysis reporting services as a prime asset for developers and those looking to invest, re-position or build new residential or mixed-use properties. With experience working on projects of all real estate scales, utilizing the latest resources in urban, home renovation planning, we bring a profound perspective and insight to various real estate development projects.

Developers Marketing Services

Northshore AZ Smith Properties provides developers with sales and marketing expertise dedicated to pre development marketing and sales. Developers receive quality professional representation with quality communication. AZ Smith Properties believes in consistent business execution with representing detailed builders craftsmanship and conveying this message to the public to increase consumer home buying demand.

As our developers continue to be valued business partnerships, the collaborative process of creating and implementing a cohesive marketing plan based on analysis of the following:

  • Market Research Analysis/Comparative Market Analysis (CMAs)
  • Marketing Campaign Budget and Administration
  • Branding, Signage, PR Strategy
  • Website, Advertising and Social Media Strategy
  • Coordination of Design and Production of All Sales and Marketing Materials
  • Sales Staff Selection and Administration
  • Ongoing Sales and Marketing Reporting
  • Contract-to-Closing Coordination

Developers Marketing Services

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