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As proven full-service Home Sellers Brokerage Services in the Phoenix Arizona Real Estate market,  we are purveyors of Phoenix Arizona residential listing preparation and marketing strategy.  We understand the methods, steps and have streamlined this processes to help you sell your home efficiently.  Our proven and experience with a vast array of residential real estate transactions include Traditional Resale, Investment Resale (finance nuisances related to loan seasoning),  Foreign Investment in Real Estate Property Act (FIRTPA),  land sales, historic homes, new home developer sales, and distressed sales.
A unique one of a kind marketing campaign is developed by our in-house team to showcase the unique upgrades and features of your home to maximize marketing exposure to attract as many qualified home buyers as possible.  We understand the efforts on the entire teams part necessary to sell your home promptly and with the most return on investment as possible.

Home Sellers Brokerage Services is advocating maximum exchange of the successful sale of  your properties unique one of a kind showcasing upgrades and features.  Fiduciary responsibility and loyalty in providing best-in-class service, high-quality, relevant independent research to provide quantitative data to develop unbiased home Selling negotiation strategies are a one of a kind service custom tailored to meet each individual home Seller’s goals.


Our listing program stands out from the long list because our team is made up of seasoned real estate industry professionals working with discerning clients.  We believe our one of a kind Home Seller Brokerage Services are best suited to meet and exceed our valuable client needs due to the attention to detail, exceptional client services, and bonafide home selling results.  We also use our global outreach network within our established resource database of existing customers to help broaden the opportunity for more quantifiable offers for your property.  We honor the importance in maintaining concise communication using both traditional and innovative technology driven to extend listing advertising exposure. Working with our team to sell your home is the best way to make selling your home hassle free to maximize your capital return on investment in understanding the steps necessary for reliable home selling results.  Our understanding of client satisfaction and exceeding expectations.


    Many home Sellers in Phoenix Arizona may opt to list exclusively.  We look forward to empowering our Seller’s to make quantifiable negotiation decisions improving the return on investment in the sale of your home.

    When listing your home exclusively, a trusted member of our team is present for every property showing and is professionally prepared to present your home in the most efficient manner possible.  We are present for every showing to explain to potential home buyer’s what makes your property a one of a kind amazing home.

    Diversified advertising forums provide our home Sellers with optimal marketing exposure and the potential for more offers to select from. The range of our Listing Brokerage Services includes; quality print advertising, online world wide web presence, community mailings, network events are all just a few examples of our comprehensive marketing approach.

    We also understand and oblige in providing our property Sellers with maximized exposure to bring in the most quantifiable offers to purchase your home as possible. Therefore our team will provide co-broke comps to eligible colleague brokerages who engage in procuring a buyer to a successful close of escrow for your home.  We do this to place your home in front of as many firms as possible to ensure your home exposure reaches to as many qualified home buyers as possible.

    As an elite listing team, our focus in forwarding critical thinking in detail is fundamental towards your personal attention and specifically meet your needs. Our listing services gear to overcoming and ensuring any and all of your home Selling objectives to proactively address and possible outcomes directly and precisely.

    Our consistent communication updates will not leave you wondering where your listing stands. Key management listing details related to showing, pricing, the number of potential home buyers interested and surrounding competition home listings feedback is routinely provided.

    Upon Selling your home, the first several weeks to preparing for your home to sell is crucial in effectively aligning your negotiation process. Our select team of Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Professionals, help you strategize pricing and a timeline to present your home to the Phoenix Arizona Home Buyer’s Market.

  2. Why Use a REALTOR to Sell My Home?

    As a responsible listing team in the Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Market, we are committed to navigating the home selling experience seamlessly.  Priding our level of client services goes into understanding everyone one of our client’s unique needs to help establish an effective plan of action to exceed our clients exact home Selling expectations.

    Using an proven Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Professional means working with a REALTOR who is obligated under oath to put your needs first and foremost in fiduciary responsibility. Our proven track record of clients, listings and successful closings taken place on a wide range real estate transactions,  has enabled our home Selling negotiation expertise to help obtain optimal price for our Sellers homes.  There are nearly 200 steps involved in successfully listing and seeing a home close to escrow.  Avoid potential monetary or time loss with current experienced REALTORS familiar with the magnitude of potential outcomes associated with Selling or Buying a home all while protecting you as a home Sellers best interests. As proven REALTORS in the business since the early millennium we encourage Home Seller’s to allow us to earn your trust in successfully and adequately seeing the Sale of your home be completed to the utmost of professional standards providing you with piece of mind and the ability to proceed to your next chapter of home living with ease.

D Klein reviewed Kathy Smith, Phoenix Arizona Realtor — 5 star-Does a great job, answered everything I needed and goes out of her way to get the job done. That's exactly what I needed a Realtor to make it easier on me.

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Our focus has been founded on our relentless commitment to continue to strive in exceeding client expectations. We look to raise standards, in providing best-in-class real estate client-services and by executing upon leveraging our client’s home selling positions to showcase unique features of every home with mindful strategy in with a fine tuned balance between logical, integrity driven friendly investment goals in mind.



WE LEARN ABOUT OUR CLIENTS to BEST MEET and EXCEED THEIR HOME SELLING NEEDS and EXCEL IN MEETING EXPECTATIONS. Our Home Selling experience is crucial to your success and understanding your home selling goals to adequately strategize and meet your unique needs. We understand, every home Seller has different goals and for each and every client is not all entirely the same. Once you as the home Seller have prepared your home to sell, for general planning purposes it’s important to understand on AVERAGE (every home varies) Phoenix Arizona Home Seller’s estimate about a three month period to sell. As a friendly reminder, we encourage our home Seller’s to also incorporate a two week flexible buffer time in the event any last minute unforeseen close of escrow details occur.



We understand the value of everyone’s time and efforts required in everyone contributing and committing to their part in successfully listing and selling Phoenix Arizona Homes. The process begins by helping our Phoenix Arizona Home Seller’s review and go over in detail the listing process and fill out the paperwork and required documents and disclosures to help protect our home Seller’s best interests.  While Home Seller’s prepare their home to maximize the best financial return results possible, our in-house listing team of real estate professionals is working on assembling your home’s business development marketing campaign. The team is working on coordinating your professional photography session, facilitating broker opens and open house events, professional advertising, and print, social media and website branding development for property exposure.  During this time your individual property website, network syndication, signage, and lockbox installation. Our team is also establishing showing suite updates to keep you informed of when showings are taking place, as well as inputting into the system reports entailing our client’s preferred method of communication and in receiving their listing reports. PRE-MARKETING/Coming Soon promotional property to generate pre-promotional listing buzz and collateral specific to your property is also in production during this time to send out to top producing agents with qualified home buyers.  These steps by our in-house Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Professionals are all taking place before the property is entered into the public Multiple Listing Services (MLS) forum.



Once the property is ready for showings, the home is introduced into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) public database.  The preferred method of releasing a listing onto the public MLS system takes place the Thursday or Friday of that particular week to maximize showing exposure and public interest. It’s also imperative listing the home at the appropriate price coinciding with current market values have repeatedly been proven and consistently reviewed throughout the entire listing process as well as during the escrow. Many agents may become complacent once an offer is accepted. However, our team understands the importance of remaining current to help get our home Seller’s past the home inspection process, and we protect them by continuously collecting substantial market value facts to help protect further negotiation scrutiny. Our team is always working to keep up to date in providing fact based proven data fact to help keep our home Seller’s best interests in mind all the way to close escrow.  Our team understands the complexity of utilizing important applicable properties similar in nature to the home Seller’s subject property to help overcome and remain proactively prepared for every step of selling homes, including meeting with appraisers to help advocate the value of your home.  If a property is overpriced, the result in minimal showing requests could have a determinant to leveraging a home Seller’s negotiation stance.  The longer the home remains on the market, typically the less of a position a home Seller has in negotiating the top purchase price. As a result, taking risks with pricing a property too high when it comes to Selling is never advisable.



Once our Seller and a buyer have agreed to Selling and purchasing terms, our team of professionals are navigating home Seller’s through the 10 calendar days (unless otherwise specified) with coordinating the home buyer’s home inspection contingency and due diligence time frame. On the 10th day, home buyer’s request repairs or anything deemed potentially mechanically adverse in their discoveries during the due diligence grace period to home Seller’s. The appraisal contingency expires 3 days prior to the close of escrow date as per specified on purchase contract date.



Our team offers continued support services.  The buyer schedules their final walk-through prior to singing the finalized settlement paperwork.  It is also during this time, our Real Estate professionals are reviewing the final settlement charges and credits as per the Arizona Purchase Contract terms.  After the property records with the County Assessors office key’s are then presented to the home buyer, you have successfully closed escrow on your home.  The total estimated time frame from the day the listing paperwork is signed can range from 75 to 100 days.


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