• Dream Home Catchers Program Interview-we love getting to know our clients & their lifestyle needs.  Please lets set up a convenient time to talk to discuss your tailored custom shopping real estate experience.  You can either call us directly at (602)451-6600 or click the link below & we will get in contact with you asap. Dream Home Catchers Program or visit: http://www.azsmithproperties.com/dream-home-catcher/.

• International Home Buyer’s Guide to Phoenix, Arizona-Read, save or download below our information guide to prepare your Phoenix, Arizona home purchase.

• Appraisals-Appraisals are a huge asset to you as a buyer.  This unbiased party to your real estate process calculates the value of the property your purchasing, to help get your loan approved & further substantiate & define the value.   We as Realtor’s responsibility to run an estimated analysis & a buyer should always be provided this report & data prior to your offer submission.  To learn more about real estate appraisals click to the right to visit the Arizona Board of Appraisal or visit http://www.appraisal.state.az.us/directory/Default.aspx.

• Advisories-The Buyer Advisory resource provides in-depth information about what a seller needs to disclose to you as a buyer when re-selling their property.  It provides great resource links to buyers further research unknowns about a property as well as provide ways to conduct your due diligence as a buyer such as crime, demographic, & other answers to many buyer questions that Realtor Arizona Statues are unable to disclose. For example, in the state of Arizona, a Realtor does not have to disclose if a property was involved in a crime scene…this varies from state to state..however, if you read them by clicking to the right..you will have resources to websites that will help guide you to getting your answers quickly & efficiently:  Arizona Department of Real Estate Buyer Advisory.

• Advanced Property Search (Search Like a Realtor) browse by detailed specifics, city, zip code, or community (although we are still adding to this section). Click to the right: Your Direct Link to Multiple Listing Services (MLS) or visit our website link: http://www.azsmithproperties.com/product/property-search-product-page/.

• School’s Find out how parents are ranking the schools in the area with this simple yet informative application. You can learn more by clicking to the link to the right:  Great Schools or visit: http://www.greatschools.org/arizona/. 

• Mortgage Calculator Although we urge serious home buyers to talk to one of our lenders to get personalized attention to detail in meeting their needs, if you’re not ready & want to crunch numbers to get an idea? Click on the following link to help calculate your home shopping goals. Mortgage Calculations or visit: http://www.azsmithproperties.com/mortgage-calculator/.

• HOT & New Home Construction Communities With heavy experience in the many new home subdivisions in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, stay in touch as we have a list of builder incentives that will help you save on the ideal home for you. What to do if we want to buy a new home? Click to the right to begin: New Homes or visit:  http://www.azsmithproperties.com/product/new-homes/.

• Custom Home Builder’s With experience in vacant land lot parcels, equestrian properties & more, this is a list of custom home builders serving the Phoenix area & we are more than happy to get you acquainted with the start of custom building your dream estate. Custom Home Builders & Vacant Lot Parcels for Sale

The Phoenix Real Estate market is forever changing, please book mark us or check back. There is much more to come.