As a leading real estate Buyers Agency, we are proven and experienced with tracking down, researching new homes and or investment properties for sale in the Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Market for over 15 years.

Home Buyers Brokerage Services is advocating home buyers real estate property long-term interests in providing best-in-class service, high-quality, relevant independent research to offer quantitative facts to develop unbiased home buying strategy.


Our team has instantaneous access, solid resources and systems in place to help navigate our clients with all the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan real estate opportunities.  Our complimentary Phoenix Home Buying Service includes; meeting directly with our team to discuss and check every detail of your requirements, arranging for lending pre qualification, research list of carefully considered analyzed potential properties best suited for your needs, an organized itinerary to view your short list of chosen homes, an organized accompany tour of property viewing to make sure your time in used in the most productive meaningful way possible.


Locating real estate agents and a team like us, who are genuinely committed to our client’s best interests first and is executed in the professional no non-nonsense results driven approach. We are eager to serve in the most eloquent professional passion for providing quality service and help to helping our clients meet and exceed expectations in exactly what they are seeking in today’s Phoenix Arizona real estate market. Many buyers use other agents, spending wasted hours in viewing undesirable properties, sorting through inaccurate information and therefore going into negotiations unprepared. As your preferred BUYERS Representation Agent, our goal is to overcome these time-consuming objectives while honing in on properties best suited to your needs, budget, and lifestyle.  Since it is the SELLING Representation Agent’s primary goal to sell a home, regardless if it meets a home BUYERS specifications working with an unbiased BUYERS agent works exclusively for our home buying clients to find the very best property, negotiate the very best terms of the purchase and the most reasonable price possible.

  1. How Services are FREE for Buyers? Learn How This is Paid by Sellers.

    Compensation for Home Buying Services are compensated as any other Brokerage; paid through the Seller proceeds of any and all close of escrow.  Traditionally, Broker fees are part of the Seller’s “closing costs” associated and agreed upon before the listing contract of the home is signed before the home’s official listing release on the market for sale.  As a result, in a standard Home Buying Representation exclusivity agreement, there is often no additional out-of-pocket expenses needed upfront from the Home Buyer.  Technically, upon the Home Buyer acquiring the property, they are either opting to for or against representation. We find most savvy Home Buyers, prefer to pay someone to represent their best interests above and beyond the Home Sellers. We think many would agree.

    When a property sells, the Seller has allocated the total compensation amount figured in their closing costs associated with the sale of their home.  The said compensation often may be split in half or otherwise agreed upon between the Home Buyer’s Agent and Home Seller’s dedicated Real Estate Brokerage. So in other words, the Real Estate Brokerage representing and procuring the qualified Home Buyer is compensated with a portion of the Seller Commission proceeds, and the Brokerage company representing the Seller retains the remaining compensation.

    However, when the Home Seller’s Real Estate Brokerage lists the home also is authorized to represent a Home Buyer, that very same brokerage not only retains ALL of the compensation proceeds, but they fiduciary role becomes complex. The loyalty of representation changes from representing only the Home Seller, to now representing BOTH, the Home Buyer & Home Seller.  Often this may cause representation disputes later down the road.

    Despite any misconceptions, the higher or lower the purchase price a Home Buyer pays does not have any correlation or find the level of fiduciary requirements a REALTOR is held accountable with.  The rule is, a Broker negotiates the best affordable price and terms on the home for our Home Buyer Clients, NOT the highest commission or timelines that serve ourselves.  Agents who have persevered, understand that our business expands upon satisfied and happy clients, and recognize the long-term value from our Home Buyer Services by implement integrity with equitable increases that take place after ownership of the home.

    If you were to face an unfortunate divorce would you opt to hire your soon to be ex-spouse’s attorney also to represent yourself?  Real Estate is virtually and theoretically the very same situation.

D Klein reviewed Kathy Smith, Phoenix Arizona Realtor — 5 star-Does a great job, answered everything I needed and goes out of her way to get the job done. That's exactly what I needed a Realtor to make it easier on me.

D Klein - Out of State Relocation


We are dedicated to searching all the Phoenix Metropolitan Area homes for sale and send only the very best options based on your needs. Free service to Phoenix Arizona Home Buyers.

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Looking for the Perfect Home?

Looking for the Perfect Home?


Our focus has been founded on our relentless commitment to continue to strive in exceeding client expectations. We look to raise standards,  in providing best-in-class real estate client-services and by executing upon locating rare and unique lifestyle property finds with strategic, logical friendly investment goals in mind.



WE LEARN ABOUT OUR CLIENTS to BEST MEET and EXCEED THEIR HOME BUYING NEEDS and EXCEL IN MEETING EXPECTATIONS.  Our Home Buyers experience is crucial and understanding client goals to adequately match the ideal home to each of our client’s unique lifestyle needs is the most important step of the entire real estate process.  Our team establishes a convenient interview to listen carefully to each of our Client’s unique property needs with attention to detail. We also ensure during this time, we are a mutually beneficial team in attaining the potential Real Estate Client’s real estate goals.  It is during this initial setting, meeting of the minds where we fine tune and form a unique one of a kind real estate strategy built on mutual trust, empathy and expectations to attain everyone’s real estate goals and needs carefully matched with experience.  This meeting of the minds is the opportunity for all teammates to ask questions, equally to reassure our team has a solid understanding of our Client’s needs to then focus entirely on the client’s real estate goals on hand.  We then get to work to provide the latest relevant property updates and information to follow up with quality results and quantifiable options immediately.



We understand the value of everyone’s time.  Therefore, the process of filtering and identifying the very best in homes based on our Client’s most desired requests is often an unobscured effort each of our Realtor’s must put forth extensive preparation and energy into as part of their day to day business.  Our agents are only as successful as our Clients. So the time invested into each our clients go into an endless range of details;  from how unique or one of a kind the property is, to the unique features.  The condition level of each property also takes on various meanings of different clients.  Our clients are one of a kind just like the ideal homes they end up living in. The details involved in identifying quantifiable inventory options is also location based while all these cumulative details shall potentially meet the needs and the time worthiness of our Home Buyer Client’s.   These are just a few of the many variables behind the scenes a professional Real Estate Agent energy is put into and dedicates themselves to before each appointment. The research, time and preparation towards each short list of property showing requests do require a professional Real Estate Agent’s ability to plan, coordinate and execute a plan of action to book showing appointments to maximize the Home Buyer Client real estate experience.  This process is taken with immense careful consideration to ensure our client’s time is utilized most effectively. Further, as Real Estate professionals are unemotionally attached, it is with the familiarity of each Real Estate market pertaining to individual dwelling types, potential finance nuisances as well as the proven success of experiences in negotiations leveraging our client’s buying position to stand out among multiple-offers with limited inventory.



Providing substantiated research data to help negotiate a fair offer price is time sensitive analysis based on macro/micro economics of the most current sales prices of closed properties deemed “similar to the subject property,” or often referred to as “like for like.” Careful analysis is calculated to help estimate property values and also so that Client’s are empowered to make sound real estate decisions by reviewing data.  No offers to purchase properties of any kind, should ever be considered without having a valid and current Comparable Market Analysis provided to Clients before submitting offers or entering into negotiations. Projecting future profitability on the macro/micro level is relevant data related to our Client’s decisions, and these unique features to each property may also have implications as to what to reasonably offer as the purchase price of the potential home.



Navigating our Clients through the escrow process, home inspection, negotiation of repairs or potentially adverse mechanical discoveries during the due diligence grace period all follows once the Home Seller has accepted our Home Buyer Client’s offer to purchase. Escrow or Title is the “middle entity,” overseeing the financial details between all parties related to the transaction.  The title/escrow officers are the liaison responsible for managing and putting aside funding, and they allocate to each party as the negotiation details pertain and adhere within the Purchase Contract.  During this time, our team is helping Clients navigate through coordination of the termite and home inspections, submitting the Buyer’s Inspection Seller’s Response Notice to request necessary repairs if needed,  facilitate with the mortgage lenders or work with cash purchasers to prepare for the close of escrow.  Further, the title/escrow officers deemed responsibility of coordinating the financial details to the end of close of the escrow process. We remain with our Client’s throughout this entire process and keep the lines of communication open and clear each step of the way.



Our team offers continued support services during the real estate escrow process and beyond. We review each and every disclosure statement and tool to ensure our Client’s are aware of every detail of their future home.  We coordinate our Client’s escrow/title signing, order applicable home warranty’s, address appraisals, ensure all parties receive all contracts and addendum’s.  Our Home Buying Client’s are notified each step of the way, as to when the best time to arrange and secure for property insurance, submit payment to order the property appraisal, review disclosures and order utilities scheduled for the move in date is appropriate.  The continued support surpasses the due diligence phase of the escrow process, and we continue to remain abreast to current market stability conditions pertaining to the subject property throughout.



With over 15 years of Phoenix Arizona Real Estate market experience, unfortunately observing too many Home Buyer’s stories of leaving thousands of dollars on the table is preventable with no additional charges. Home Seller’s have chosen to hire a Selling Agent to help list, sell and look out for their best interests in getting their property sold for top dollar in the most efficient time possible. So we not only stress but encourage and every home buyer to make it an obvious natural choice to hire complimentary Professional Real Estate Buyer Representation. It’s the most efficient way to purchase Arizona homes and properties.

We acknowledge in many other States, Real Estate Attorneys area a necessary and often required party to acquiring property.  Tts important for our Client’s to understand in Arizona, it is not a legal requirement it is, however, a right, and we are obliged to work side by side with our client’s counsel. Therefore we encourage our client’s to also seek out professional Real Estate attorneys, tax attorneys, and financial advisors to also review any and all potential real estate investment purchases.


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