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    Earll Place Historic District in Phoenix


    Thank you for visiting AZSmithProperties.com to view Earll Place Historic District homes for sale in Phoenix (1927-1942). Earll Drive Historic District is geographically bounded along Earll Drive to the north side of Pinchot Avenue & between 16th Street & 18th Street.

    (Map Ref): https://www.phoenix.gov/pddsite/Documents/pdd_hp_pdf_00008.pdf

    The Earll Place Historic District homes for sale displayed below are status updated the Multiple Listing Service MLS every 15 minutes.  The properties below are in real-time status, therefore you can shop inventory similar to a Realtor® without wondering  if a listing is no longer available. The information below, sponsored by AZSmithProperties.com with our annual membership made available through the National Association of Realtor’s and our dedicated Multiple Listing (MLS) Database.

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    Earll Place Historic District Homes for Sale

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