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General Market Statistic Overview
We recommend processing research and statistic data on each individual community and subdivision to help make informed real estate investment decisions.  This is helpful in seeing the overall Phoenix, Metro areas, however further research data and analysis is recommended.  If you have a specific subdivision or community your considering, please call (602) 451-6600 today so we can prepare a comparative market analysis to help in gauging your next real estate investment decision.

  • 22527,21974,22386,22210,21757,21287,20588,20000,19275,19861,20521,20794
  • 6519,10316,10016,12200,10518,10671,10235,8950,9854,9648,9974,8537
  • 5722,7954,8365,10068,9234,9099,8298,7695,7938,7231,7447,5820
  • 7128,6040,6532,9355,8829,9858,9610,8019,8260,7511,7426,7219

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  • 492166.27,503664.79,518464.63,532459.02,542882.01,544028.76,533041.92,511360.69,509859.63,508165.30,522029.63,537272.75
  • 330590.79,363696.21,357754.31,344525.15,347911.29,338773.20,327900.31,323251.62,332199.00,360024.00,396061.22,376128.69
  • 283066.05,295595.85,301978.98,304890.03,306285.48,314234.80,303509.83,300357.72,302487.75,310221.12,310678.42,305897.42
  • 290022.16,291440.10,294683.45,296053.55,300155.62,308377.71,312143.50,303207.82,306731.79,302183.41,303881.89,315395.58
  • 282101.89,283562.44,287278.11,288895.30,292500.76,300727.65,304794.80,296338.89,299587.82,294901.76,297044.67,308067.66

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2017


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